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October 2018

Posted on 20th October 2018

We needed an adjustable light over the dining table in the DugOut and I decided a giant angle-poise would be a good solution.  It is mounted on the adjacent wall and reaches over to the centre of the table. It is made of cleft sweet chestnut with a sand stone counterbalance. The lampshade is made from the base of an old copper hot water cylinder. There is nothing uniform about cleft sweet chestnut so each piece has to be individually dressed to nestle up against its pair. The hinging points are round wooden pegs lubricated with bees wax. The counterbalance is for the main arm which reaches out over the table. This is made up of five pieces of chiselled walling stone stacked up to provide the correct amount of counterweight. I never feel as though I have complete control over how cleft wood is going to come together but the shapes came together well on this light and I am happy with how it turned out.