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image of dugout

The Farm

We have an array of animals providing us with a plentiful source of milk, meat, eggs, muck and wool all of which play an integral part of life on the hill.

The chickens are truly free range. They can be found scratching around all over the place in the day, returning to their cleft chestnut geodesic dome at night, safe from the fox! They are a jolly assortment including Blue Cheshires, Leghorns, Rhode Rocks, Redcos, Barred Rocks and Brown Nicks.

Shetland ducks provide us with eggs for baking. They are full of character and enjoy nothing more than a good puddle on a rainy day.

The goats, Amerley a Golden Guernsey, Lisa a Saanan and Caramel a Golden Guernsey cross Saanan, provide milk for halloumi, kefir and yoghurt for the house. The goats have their own shed but are often found grazing near the edge of the wood.

We keep a small flock of Shetland sheep which provide the finest wool of any British breed, we spin and use this wool throughout the year. Lambs provide meat and replacements in the flock.

Minstrel is a Gypsy Cob. She is ridden by the family and she also provides  a rich source of manure in our compost heaps.

You may well see Black Cat, a feral cat who seems to have adopted us. She is very welcome here and is slowly getting braver around humans!