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Ed’s Design


I love to design things. This can be anything; Houses, furniture, lighting, Christmas cards! But mostly I’m designing 3D objects and more often than not I end up building them too! Here on our hill there is often the need for practical things but I incorporate decorative elements at every opportunity.

Over the last few years I have got more and more involved in designing buildings. Particularly buildings where there is the possibility of departing from straight lines and/or rectangles. This is a little more challenging but far more rewarding when the right proportions capture the beauty of the space.

With this understanding of space and proportion I am able to give people and their homes a new lease of life. A house can sometimes be transformed by removing a wall or simply making a new window. But equally sometimes a house requires more drastic action such as remodelling an elevation or reconsidering the approach to the house and the position of the all-important ‘front door’.

Whether it is an intricately crafted ornate ceiling or simply re-jigging a space in your home to bring it to life; this is what I love to do. So if you think you and your house need an ‘uplift’ you are very welcome to get in contact. I would love to help.

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