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Amerlie and Lisa March 2019

Posted on 13th March 2019


This winter we have taken on two new goats, Amerlie and Lisa. Amerlie is a golden guernsey and Lisa is a saanan cross. They are very different in character. Amerlie is really quite shy, she takes a long time to get to know people and will hang back if a new person is in her midst. However, once she feels safe with you she is extremely affectionate and will stand to be scritched and enjoys a fuss. Lisa is very different, being a bit of a friendly thug. Lisa believes that everyone is her friend and that everyone wants to fuss her forever! She follows you around and will nibble at odd bits of clothing, just being nosey and reminding you all the time that she is there for a fuss.

Amerlie is having a break from milking and will be put ‘back in kid’ in the autumn. Lisa is the house milk goat and provides us with an impressive amount of beautiful milk daily. She is easy to milk, stands perfectly and continues to be nosey, checking who is passing by, or what the cat is doing, as she is being milked.

Lisa and Midnight the cat are good friends. Lisa is intrigued by Midnight’s antics and spends a great deal of time trying to reach the cat, who teases her and playfully bats Lisa on the nose if she nibbles at her.