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Posted on 14th December 2022

I think we’re all aware now that nature and biodiversity is in crisis throughout the world.  Our race for products and growth has led to an accelerated destruction of our natural world.

The UK is one of the countries suffering the highest biodiversity loss. This is scary because our good health is dependent on the good health of our natural environment.

There are some dedicated people doing admirable work to rectify the damage, but we need to unite in our support for all these initiatives. We can give financial support, but we can also be supportive by simply being nature conscious on a daily basis.

This heightened consciousness will focus our attention and then all our decision making will automatically include nature and biodiversity.

So, all we need is a way of remembering!

I propose a good way to do this would be to wear on clothing something symbolic that acts as this reminder. (A bit like a poppy on Remembrance Day).

Whatever is worn must not involve commercial manufacture or the need for the use of money in any way.

I suggest we wear a ribbon or strip of upcycled fabric or string or material of any sort that is genuinely biodegradable.  This could be tied around any part of our bodies or into clothing or onto an accessory that is regularly carried.

Because this expression of remembrance involves tying, what we tie could be referred to as a ‘Nature Knot’.

Catch phrase: ‘Lets retie the knot with mother nature’.

This Nature Knot can be a remnant or scrap. It is important that by doing this we do not further deplete our natural world resources. We must upcycle something that is already in circulation.

We need the whole world to be tying Nature Knots,

Please give it a try. Above are two examples of Nature Knots. It is never ending on how a Nature Knot could be worn or displayed, so just do whatever takes your fancy.

All that matters is that we keep reminding each other.